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Award-winning PR specialist, entrepreneur and personal branding coach, Janine Lloyd, is dedicated to using her thirty years of experience in the Public Relations and Marketing industries to create brands that allow her clients and their businesses to thrive.


A firm believer that we must become the change we want to see in the world,

Janine has devoted her professional life to uplifting all those around her. It is a mission that culminated in her founding the Lloyd Brand Agency in 2021 to complement her successful marketing and PR agency, PR Expert.

“Having only one career in your life is a thing of the past, professional coaching complements my business, is very rewarding and allows me to help others, which in turn gives me satisfaction,”

Janine Lloyd

The Lloyd Brand Agency specialises in personal branding and influence creation to help individuals unlock their brand genius, equip them with a competitive advantage, and accelerate their success.

Janine’s vision is to help individuals identify their unique value, how that value can be monetized, and design a brand blueprint to launch or grow their service in the market – locally or globally.

Janine’s business endeavours have always been guided by her belief that a truly successful business prioritises the professional and personal flourishing of the people who run it. As an avid believer in self-development, she gained multiple qualifications in life, team, and executive coaching through Results Coaching Systems in New York.

Over the last 15 years as a certified coach and armed with a train-the-trainer qualification, she coached employees and leaders alike in their personal and professional lives and became a highly sought-after workshop presenter.

Over her illustrious career, Janine has created innovative branding, PR and marketing strategies that have produced extraordinary outcomes across numerous industries. As a multi-award-winning master communicator, skilled digital marketer, Public Relations guru, brand expert, and Reputation Management specialist, she prides herself on being an inspiring leader with a talent for motivating people.

Having worked on global brands such as Canderel, Braun and Duracell, and top companies like the Vega Brand School, Roche Pharmaceuticals and UNISA she says that it is the creative work that she enjoys the most. Her innovative work for South Africa’s first dance movie Hear Me Move, earned her the highest honours - a Gold Award and Campaign of the Year - at the prestigious PRISA PRISM awards. It was the first campaign of its kind mentoring over 20 University of Johannesburg Strategic Communications Students whose work catapulted the movie into the limelight to also win a Golden World Award at the IPRA (International PR Association).

Janine has always been passionate about enriching others and began her career wanting to be a teacher and completing her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Witwatersrand. She then worked as a teacher and treasurer of the student-run Student Teaching Education Project (STEP) at Wits which provided additional teaching to disadvantaged matriculants from Soweto, who under apartheid did not have access to quality education.

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Feeling drawn to the communications industry, Janine went on to work in the public affairs department of Olivetti Africa. She later joined Communicate Recruitment as a Consultant where she received numerous awards and established a training centre for the company.

However, the entrepreneur in her wasn’t satisfied and she went on to build, lead and later sell one of South Africa’s premier agencies Livewired Public Relations.

Janine also served as a mentor for teenage girls at a home for abandoned children giving 5 years of her time and experience to uplift these young women through education, practical projects, and life skills. She has been a regular writer and contributor on many projects including writing 10 ways to get your business in the media, being the editor of The Origin of Life and Unleash the Personality of God Within by Rev C.R Mostert, and a guest columnist in the Witness Newspaper.

This charismatic, inspirational, and resilient leader credits much of her success to seeing challenges as opportunities.

 While the pandemic forced many to re-evaluate their businesses Janine recognises the opportunity it brings to reflect on who we are, the kind of life we want to live, and how we need to be the master of our own destiny.

 Janine dreams of sharing her knowledge on life and business on a global scale and setting up a program to give those who can’t afford to pay for a life coach and business mentor access to these teachings and practical skills. In this phase of her life, she wants to create something that has a bigger impact than simply making her own life better. Although it is easy to wish that she knew what she knows now in her twenties, Janine has learnt that we are all on our unique journey and that regret has no use.

Her gift of communication, giving attitude and love of education has made Janine a popular conference and workshop speaker. An inspiring leader, her confidence and strategic mind is only matched by the energy of her passion, making her not only a talented entrepreneur but an influential motivator.

When she is not bettering the world through Philanthropy, Janine enjoys curling up with a wonderful book, hiking in the great outdoors and unleashing her inner artist by painting. She also enjoys scuba diving and writing poetry.